What are TRI DRI Undershirts made of?

TRI DRI Undershirts are made of a white, super lightweight and ultra breathable micropolyester smart fabric designed to keep you dry from sweat.


How TRI DRI Undershirts do with body odor?

This is a very big concern of our customers. Cotton retains sweat, which is the essence of body odor. Our TRI DRI Undershirts wick the sweat in order to keep you dry and odorless. TRI DRI smart fabric does not absorb the sweat and odor so you will be feeling dry and cool all day!


How TRI DRI Undershirts feel?

TRI DRI Undershirts are lightweight and do not fit too tight on your body, it is hard to even tell you are wearing one sometimes. Whether you’re Team V-Neck or Team Crew, try one out! Still you got some questions, please feel free to contact us.


How should I take care of my TRI DRI Undershirts?

TRI DRI Undershirts are easy to take care of. Our no hassle, smart fabric not only protects you from sweat and body odor, but saves you time when it comes to washing. In fact, they can be worn many times without the need for washing. However, when the time does come to take care of them, our Undershirts are machine washable and machine dryable.


Are your products available at retail stores?

We currently offer TRI DRI Undershirts exclusively online. email us directly for bulk orders.


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping costs are calculated depending on where you want your Undershirts to be delivered ( domestic shipping is on us ). However, if you order 3 TRI DRI Undershirts or more, the shipping is on us!


How much are returns?

Free, of course! You may return or exchange your undershirts at absolutely no cost!

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