The Perfect Undershirt for Summer

By Tri Dri

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Never is an undershirt more vital for a man than during the summertime. Why? Not only do you need more protection against sweat, but you also need something that can allow you to get out of your top shirt when it is just too hot. Undershirts can also make a great fashion statement; that you’re in that relaxed, summer state of mind. But how do you find the perfect undershirt for this season?


The perfect undershirt is not only one that will protect you from the unbearable heat and from sweat, but also that will feel lightweight and cool all throughout the day. The perfect undershirt can take you from work to happy hour. It will fit well enough and not be too loose as if adding two extra layers on your body, but also not to tight in which you feel absolutely suffocated. This undershirt must be able to maintain its shape, it must have sleeves that will not come out of a regular-sized short-sleeve shirt, and must be long enough to stay tucked in.


The perfect summertime undershirt is not only about the comfort; it is about the style as well. You need an undershirt that can be worn inside a button-down, as well as by itself, maybe with a cardigan, if the A/C gets too chilly. The perfect undershirt does not compromise your personal style, whether you are a Crew Neck or a V-Neck person, the perfect undershirt for this summer will represent who you are and what you like.


TRI DRI’s Undershirts are all of this and more, not only do they protect you from the sweat, but they also fit so well that you might even forget they are there. TRI DRI will keep you styled from the office and straight to your favorite hang out spot and even at the gym if you forget your workout shirt. Crew or V-Neck, TRI DRI Undershirts are the perfect undershirts for this summer and the rest to come!

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